Annette Kellermann and Co.

Miss Kellermann wore a champagne colored union suit, without corsets. According to the baseball players at Hammerstein’s, corsets would spoil Annette’s curves. The setting is superior to anything shown in “Vera Violetta.”

Kaufmann Troupe

The girls have three changes of costume, each pretty in design. The last change is into tights. The smallest members, or “ponies,” reappear in “kid” dresses.

Gaby Deslys

Her costumes are rich, and set off the French girl’s good looks. Gaby’s street costume in “one” was some dressing. Afterwards in her boudoir, a short soubret dress suited her admirably, while the night robe with very light silk tights leaving a bare leg effect from the knees, should start people talking about the King-catcher.