Les Malagnitas

Only a portion of the act is at the Winter Garden. Currently only four girls are appearing, joined by a man and two other young women. When their contract expires in eight weeks the company will travel over to the Orpheum Circuit.
The dancers include Ciavalita, who danced on the floor at the Abbaye and Bal Tabrin in Paris, and three others also recruited from those Parisian night resorts. The act begins with Clavalita in the "Folies Bejabes" scene with a song called "Sarassa."
The audience does not get the "Sarassa" number. What the Spaniards call "Sarassa," the Americans vulgarly refer to as a "Cissy." Despite this, the turn is well liked throughout. As a diversion in that awful Winter Garden show the act is much relished.
These girls might start another craze in New York for Spanish dancing. The dancing is a refreshing relief with its graceful swaying of body and arms (without any "classical" bunk). The big stage forces the group into an awkward exit.
Variety 24:5 (10/07/1911)