Kaufmann Troupe

The girls have three changes of costume, each pretty in design. The last change is into tights. The smallest members, or “ponies,” reappear in “kid” dresses.
Nick Kaufmann, the American-German impresario, had sent over twelve neat and cute little women to compose this bicycle act. This is not "The Kaufmann Troupe" that has been circling the Orpheum Circuit, of which Frankie Kaufmann is a part. The young, dandy trick rider does not appear in this turn.
The act opens on a dark stage, with an incandescent on the lamp of each of the twelve wheels. At the end, one woman does some solo work. She does a complete single turn around the handle bars to the saddle again a couple of times.
The solo rider has some trick riding that is excellent for a girl. The turn was given an inferior set, probably intended for a roller rink setting in the "Vera Violetta" revue.
Variety 24:12 (11/25/1911)