Gaby Deslys

Her costumes are rich, and set off the French girl’s good looks. Gaby’s street costume in “one” was some dressing. Afterwards in her boudoir, a short soubret dress suited her admirably, while the night robe with very light silk tights leaving a bare leg effect from the knees, should start people talking about the King-catcher.
"Les Debuts de Chichine" is about a girl who, desirous of becoming an actress, has three admirers who hope to win her hand by landing her on the stage. While the two Frenchmen, one a dancing master and the other a singing teacher, are wrangling over her in the bedroom, the English sutor, who had nothing but money, returns with a contract. Naturally Gaby leaves with the Englishman, because of the contract or money. Lines are spoken in both English and French by Gaby.
Gaby Deslys is a good performer. That is all the sketch she is using proves, for it is not worth $4000 a week. She might at least have ad a picture of the King in the bedroom set. A pretty blond of considerable personality, the French girl would be worth about $400 a week in the center of a sketch and possibly $250 as one half of a two-act. Her current sketch will not do for vaudeville, a bit too racy in setting and situations. "It may be au fait for Frenchmen to make love in the bedchamber of their adored, while she is attired in a short night robe, but America doesn't believe in the system." Edward Chatel reminded one of a pantomimist while dancing. Harold Crane, the Englishman, is very skilled. Gaby has brought over a capable company, as she should with the price, and a rich wardrobe. It requires some fine work to put that bedroom scene over as well as Gaby did it. She simulated modesty quite realistically. But the King was missing. Long live the King! We may get him yet.
Variety 24:5 (10/07/1911)