Ted and Clara Steele

The act was fourteen minutes long. The man plays an eccentric character and the woman is the straight “feeder”. He sings a travesty song alone and they close with a duet.

Harris and Miller

This sketch was thirteen minutes long on an interior setting. A young widow calls a detective agency to find her a husband with beautiful eyes. When she meets a janitor, she mistakes him for her marriage candidate.

Grete Wiesenthal

The act was twenty-four minutes long. Grete Wiesenthal does classical dancing in front of a special drop. She formerly danced with her sister in a double act in England, but she is now striking out on her own. She dances four numbers. The first is performed in a bird-like costume, and in the second she does a pantomime and whirling Dervish spinning in a Gypsy dress. For the third, she wears a green dress which comes to her knees and lets her hair completely loose. The finale involves her skipping and jumping to a Strauss waltz.

“Texas Tommy Dancers”

The act was seven minutes long on the full stage. These dancers are the original “Texas Tommy Dancers” from the Barbary Coast. They wear cowboy and cowgirl costumes and play brass instruments and drums as they dance. One number is similar to “Apache” dances which are familiar to New York vaudeville.

Alfred Latell

The act was eight minutes long. Latell is a dog impersonator. His assistant Laura Hamilton sings two songs as he performs under a dog skin.

Hyla Allen

The song was eight minutes long. Hyla Allen sings and is accompanied by a man on the piano. She finishes with “Clap Hands”, which was previously made popular by Blanche Ring and Grace La Rue.

Lina Imperia and Co.

This pantomime entitled “Sesostra” was seventeen minutes long on the full stage. The plot of this show is similar to Guerrero’s “Rose and the Dagger’. The setting is Egyptian. Lina Imperia, farina, and Lucy Gerard are the principals.