Annette Kellermann and Co.

Miss Kellermann wore a champagne colored union suit, without corsets. According to the baseball players at Hammerstein’s, corsets would spoil Annette’s curves. The setting is superior to anything shown in “Vera Violetta.”
Miss Kellermann was a pantomimist, toe dancer, and gave series of dives, all to interject animation into a depressed Princess, who had stood the country side as long as she could. Miss Kellermann's assistant was Geo. Dellett. To close the turn, Miss Kellermann put on a black union suit and dived.
Had a ballet dancer of note been the center, they would have received more, but the audience expected Miss Kellermann to dive only.
It required some time to make the change for the dive. The crowd on stage did not know what to do, but they walked around the tank sunk in the stage. This act has removed Miss Kellermann from the category of "diving act."
Variety 24:12 (11/25/1911)