“The Chocolate Drops.”

18 Mins.; Full Stage. George Archer has a new edition of his “Chocolate Drops” which had the third spot in the Academy program the first half. The act has seven colored boys and girls. Two boys, King and Bailey, are the leaders in the singing, dancing and comedy. Five girls are the chorus, one of the quintette doing a society stepping bit with one of the men. This girl has possibilities, her dancing and leading the other girls being above the usual run of chorus leaders. The dressing of the chorus is up to the mark on all occasions, the girls making four changes in all, two of which are slip-overs. The appearance of the girls in the gingham frocks over the sourbet costumes is not pleasing for they bulge out, giving the girls an awkward appearance. There is time enough during the comedy work of the men for the girls to make a complete change, so why spoil the appearance once? The bronze slippers and stocking set the girls’ feet and limbs off to good advantage. As a colored tabloid there are a few, if any, that can beat: The Chocolate Drops.”

Tom Dooley

In “Last Night” – This at consists of singing and talking. Received a number of laughs thro act and a good hand at finish. 10 min in one.

Melnotte Twins and Waldorf Boys

The Melnotte Twins are nice looking brunettes, dance well and know how to wear some becoming stage garb, particularly the Quaker maid gowns on their first appearance. The boys are of the same stature and dress alike throughout, changing from the hotel uniforms to ministerial garb, while the girls don soubret costumes for their second appearance.

Henry Fink and Sister

After losing the coat and hat worn at the opening, Miss Fink makes a good appearance, which black shoes and stockings would further improve.