Helen Byron and Co.

The peculiar offering starts as through it might develop into a big laugh. It soon gives way to a couple of songs and a slight dance, leaving everything in the air at the finish. The story begins with a millionaire father objecting to his son's marrying a widow . He believes the widow to be a scheming person. Coincidentally, the father also decided to marry a widow, to whom the son objects. In the midst of all this, a stranded actress drops in to seek help from the father. The father plans his attack, pressing $1000 into the actress' hand. She does a little song and helps him drink a pint of wine. The son enters and believes the woman to be his father's widow. The woman explains and does a song and dance with the son. Both men forget their widow, each proposing to the actress. However, with the money in hand, the woman can only see Broadway.
The act would probably work best as a straight piece without the songs. However, Miss Byron has a pleasing voice and is ably assisted by the son in the duet number. The act will do for the small big time. It will have to make a stronger comedy bit for the big houses.
Variety 24:3 (09/23/1911)