Hathaway, Kelly & Mack

2 women and a man, singing, dancing, well dressed. Several changes, man is a good singer and the ladies do several different dances. 15 minutes in one, not a great act but plenty of ginger and they went very good.

Mr & Mrs Harry Thorne & Co

Comedy Sketch, AN UPTOWN FLAT, two men and 2 women, it’s the old afterpiece “Mr & Mrs Barnaby Biggs”, well played and plenty of action, went big. 20 minutes, interior.

Lou Anger

15 Min in 1—Good line of talk, all of which greatly pleased.

Chalk Saunders

10 Min. in 2—A very good cartoonist with a good line of talk.

Diving Norins

13 min. From the standpoint of the audience, this is probably the best diving act we have shown, as the four people make it very pretentious looking and their work is brilliant and fast and many new and difficult feats are introduced. Held the audience in to the last dive and received more applause than any diving act we have ever had in the theatre.

Raymond & Caverly

23 min. in one. Introduced a lot of new material interspersed with their old, all of which went immensely. Scored a laughing and applause hit.


25 min. F.S. A very pretty Indian girl who prepossesses the audience right away with a sweet smile and winning personality, brilliantly costumed and with a romantic stage setting. Was blindfolded and proceeded to name articles handed to Major Cotton by patrons in the audience, and mystified everybody with her archery and sharpshooting. Received considerable applause throughout and closed well.