“Learning the Game”

Jack Coombs, Chief Bender and Cy Morgan, Assisted by Kathryn and Violet Pearl
Kathryn and Violet Pearl are the feminine support. They start the act with Violet attempting to instruct Kathryn in the intricacies of baseball. The girls are on the field, near the club house when the players arrive in uniform. They each attempt to aid Violet's explanation. The players then illustrate their specialized curve, throwing the baseball into a net off stage. Morgan caused additional enthusiasm when he sang in his extremely pleasant voice a very pretty song, "Mr. Dream Man." The surprise was mimicked when the girls started to sing "Baseball Glide," concluding with a dance and the three World Series pitchers broke into it.
At least 5 minutes of the 23 were taken up by applause. Even "Home Run" Baker and "Matty," though absent, were loudly cheered when mentioned.
It was a fine commentary on the American spirit in the very town where the baseball favorites had gone to defeat their conquerors. Each of the three ball players were well liked. The women lent color to the picture. Katherine plays the prima donna well, allowing her sister Violet to handle the lighter quips. The boys have not attempted to become "actors." Even Chief Bender, "an Indian," takes care of his dialogue in a direct, natural way.
Variety 24:11 (11/18/1911)