Maurice Freeman Co.

The Jew with the halo a pawnbroker, who believes an actress has been forced by stress of circumstance to pawn a diamond ring she found. He likes the girl. He advances her $200 on the ring, and loans her an extra $100 without security. And all because he heard she slapped Sullivan's face the night before for getting "fresh" with her in the backroom of Dugan's saloon.
The "Jew" piece has little reason, poor "types" and the story does not hold. Why anyone believes that the "Jew" stuff constantly thrown up before the public has any especial appeal is something no one has yet logically explained. The impression given by the sketch is that a woman of the stage cannot support herself without permitting a "friend" to exert his "influence." There are also several points offensive to both Hebrews and Christians. Freeman may have been the pawnbroker, but whoever he is does not appear to have been a stage Hebrew for any length of time. The policeman was fairly well done, but the boarding house mistress, actress and thief barely passed. The sketch is too far fetched and poorly played to ever pass on the big vaudeville time. It might pass on the small time, perhaps even be a riot at the Grand Street theatre.
Variety 24:11 (11/18/1911)