Henry Fink and Sister

After losing the coat and hat worn at the opening, Miss Fink makes a good appearance, which black shoes and stockings would further improve.
Henry was forced to make a speech at the finish in which he stated that this was really his sister's first appearance on the stage. The remark was probably true. It was apparent that Miss Fink was not entirely at ease on the stage. Mr. Fink had previously tried out a single last season, but has decided to use his sister as a feeder.
The brother and sister combination seemed to known everyone at the packed Sunday matinee (Sept. 24). They received unstinted applause for each effort.
As a "straight," the girl is surprisingly good, considering her limited experience. Singing is the stronghold of the act; both siblings have excellent voices. The sister, in particular, possesses an extraordinarily deep contralto - a vaudeville asset of rare value. Henry, like one or two other Hebrew comedians, does not use make-up. This no doubt detracts from the comedy end. The songs go over well, but the comedy does not seem right without the crepe hair. If he must work without make up, he should do so as a straight comedian. It will take some fixing to make the offering what it should be; the first thing should be to take out four minutes.
Variety 24:4 (09/30/1911)