Sager Midgley and Miss Florence Quinn

Sketch ‘The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up.’ Midgley uses the very same setting that he used in his old act, ‘After School.’ He is discovered lying on the rustic bench, as in the old act. Sarah has been away for six years, and has ‘Growed’ up. Of course, she had to grow up, because Miss Quinn is a much larger girl than Miss Carlisle. While Sarah was away she was having her voice cultivated, which gave her an opportunity to return and sing a great deal. She makes the most of this opportunity to return and sing a great deal. Sammy is the same kid as before. There is very little dialogue in the new act, and less comedy. In fact there are not four good laughs in the whole act. However, Midgley will probably remedy this, for the act is very crude, and there are lots of rough spots to be taken out. There is no reason why it cannot be made as good an act as the old one. Miss Quinn has an excellent voice, but Midgley’s vocal efforts have not improved. I think there is altogether to [sic] much singing in the act. Midgely’s hold has always been comedy, and if he will stick to that and let Miss Quinn do the singing, it will greatly improve the act. The finish is rather weak, but I suppose that it will take two or three weeks to get that act in shape. FS, 17 min.
University of Iowa, Keith-Albee Vaudeville Collection, Manager Reports, 4 September 1905-23 April 1906