Harry Holman & Co.

In “Adam Kill Joy” – Two men and a woman. A new comedy playlet. 18 min. full stage. Went fair only. This audience or at least our patrons do not seem to for sketches.

Claire Vincent & Co.

26 min. F.s. Spec. A good comedy sketch well handled. Got many laughs and closed to a nice hand.

Emmet Devoy

19 min. f.s. Comedy sketch with good possibilities. Went fair all the way through, but closed to a good hand.

Regina Connelli & Ruby Craven

18 min. A one-act playlet, called, “Moondown.” One of the Washington Square Players’ productions that carries a heart interest story with an “Easiest Way” girl character in it. It held attention and the comedy lines got some laughs but it has a very poor finish which brought the curtain down with almost no applause. With a better finish the sketch would get over much stronger.

Hugh Herbert & Co.

“The Lemon.” 19 min. This is a new skit with the author playing the principal role. Two men are employed and the story is a business transaction does in character comedy with a sentimental finished. It proved a good laugh-winner and closed to a good hand.

Hussey & Worsley

16 min. They have a big laugh-winner in their new military skit that is filled with funny dialogue. Hussey’s new songs brought a riot of laughter and the act closed to a big hand.

Bert Baker & Co.

23 min. f.s.. A good comedy sketch well handled. Went over big.

Fisher & Hawley

18 min. “Business is Business.” Another of the “Potash & Perlmutter” style of sketches and it proved a big laugh-winner. A young man and girl support the principals. Plenty of action and good comedy well handled. Very well liked.

Mack & Walker

“A Fair of Tickets.” 25 min. One of the very best comedy sketches in vaudeville and splendidly played. New songs are introduced, being the only change since the act played here last. Went very big.

Mrs. Thomas Whiffee

19 min. Comedy sketch “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way.” This is a very pretty little vehicle to introduce this grand old lady of the stage. It is a slang classic, well played and was very well received.