Murray Kissen

Murray Kissen and his quartet in the Hungarian rhapsody burlesque of honored lineage, picked up on high and crashed. In the intimate Palace the moving picture bit and Kissen’s excruciating “imitations” at the end got wallop after wallop. This one completely panicked all the way and after.

Zeno, Jordan, Zeno

Aerial Artists. 10 min full stage. Two men and woman working on flying trapeze. There are half dozen sensations which the Monday audience liked.

Lydia Barry

Singing comedienne. 15 min in 1. Miss Barry is assisted by a young man at the piano. She does a number of imitations makes three changes. She keeps the audience interested by working rapidly. She shows the difference between the songs of 20 years ago and those of today, which is the hit of her repertoire. The act received favorable recognition.

Edmund Hayes & Co

20 min full stage, parlor scene. Two men and a woman. This act kept the audience laughing from rise to fall of the curtain. Hayes is still presenting “The Piano Mover” and is assisted by Robert Archer a very capable comedian. He is well known here and received an ovation at the time of his appearance.

The R.A.G. Trio

18 min in 1. Three men who work straight singing ragtime songs. They put an unusual amount of vim into their work and went over big.

Mabelle Adams & Co.

A dramatic playlet, “Zila”. 27 min spec. act, interior. This act is an admirable vaudeville offering. It is in three scenes two being interior full stage and one a street. It is built around Miss Adams’ work with the violin which in every respect is high class and artistic. The act carries with it a strong current of heart interest. “ZILA” is a love story told by a capable case.

Lancton, Lucifer & Co.

In a comedy skit entitled, “Heaps of Hilarity”. 21 min, full stage, parlor act, close in 1. This was apparently the lightest act on our program. Some dancing was well received, but the comedy found little favor with the audience.

William & Segal

Novelty dancers. 13 min in 1. A man and woman doing a straight dancing turn. The act is well dressed, two changes being made. One song is offered at the opening, but the remainder of the time is devoted to dancing. While there is nothing new in this offering it is clean cut well dressed act and went over for an enthusiastic hand last night.

Strength Brothers

Sensational Equilibrists. Nine min in two. Two men both of whom work straight. Their turns are all novelties throughout the act. There is no attempt at clowning, no talk, and no waits. They took three bows last night.

Big City Four

A quartett [sic] of well dressed men, offering rather old material, 16 min, in one. They sing “Mysterious Rag”, “I Want A Girl”, and “The Rosary”, each of which have been done here many times this season. They inject plenty of comedy in their act however, and were called back three different times. We have not had a better quartett [sic] this season.