Mae. A. Sullivan and Co (3)

15 Mins.; Full Stage (Special Set.) Mae A. Sullivan started out as a single some time ago when she had secured considerable notoriety in a breach of promise suit against a young millionaire. That Miss Sullivan has taken the stage seriously in shown by a little skit that has three other besides herself, all men. Of the men that one makes the best impersion is a black face comedian, and it is due to him the turn gets what it does. The story is of the soldier’s life. The girl (Mac) is in love with a young lieutenant, but her father will not allow her to marry him until he has done something heroic. With the aid of the blackface the father is told of the exploits of the young man and consents to the marriage. The lover has a little stage ability as possible, but this may be his first attempt. Miss Sullivan’s singing is still in the same class as when she appeared at Hammerstein’s, but she is acting better. The other man fills in. The act has a chance on a small time.
Variety, Volume XXXVI, no.6, October 10, 1914