“The Lonesome Lassies.”

36 Mins.; Full Stage (Special Exterior). B.A. Rolfe’s latest production, “The Lonesome Lassies,” is one of the most pretentious endeavors that this producer has made. Four principals and a chorus of eight mighty good looking girls. The scene is laid in a summer resort at an old colonial mansion, with its massive white pillars rising 20 or 25 feet above the stage. The lonesome lassies are led by Leota Sinclair and Marjorie Bonner. The latter is an ex-Ziegfeld girl and was one of the best lookers that “Folliers” boasted. The ten girls are at the summer resort and are lonesome, for the boys only come down for weekends. To make the boys jealous the girls scheme to have a picture taken of themselves being made love to by a picture actor. Instead of the actor arriving a real “John” comes on the scene and complications follow. So much for the comedy end. An opening chorus is pretty, and the little flow-up to this will make a hit with the agents, for the lyric writer has woven the names of a number of the “Palace Building” boys into his theme. Ray Hodgdon and Maurice Rose are two of the names that stand out. The picture bit follows this and gets over nicely. This in turn makes way for a burglar number handled by Harry B. Watson and Miss Bonner. The title is “Love Made Me a Wonderful Detective,” with a final touch showing the chorus in almost transparent “nighties.” For the closing number the girls are displaying as pretty a set of gowns as have been seen in either musical comedy or vaudeville this season. The act is slightly too long at present. A minute or two could be cut from the burglar bit and the same from the auto repair talk. There are several repeats in the latter piece of business. The act when trimmed down to a half hour will be one of the best of the big acts. It has comedy, good music and pretty girls.
Variety, Volume XXXVI, no.6, October 10, 1914