Joe Cook and Brother

Wednesday night, not less than a dozen misses were counted. They were small enough in themselves, but many occurred in the simple feats and were noticeable. The finish was best. The boys use club throwing in "one" for this part, making a number of good, swift exchanges, although they attempted nothing particularly sensational.
Joe Cook appears to be about 17 years old. The brother looks two years younger. At this stage of their career the boys are chiefly in need of a bit more practice. They have a fair layout of juggling feats and an ordinary line of comedy material, but the act is injured by glaring roughnesses that could be smoothed out with a bit more skillful handling of the juggling. They have a good start and with the practice of further playing should develop that smoothness and certainty which is so essential to act of this sort.
Variety 8:1 (08/03/1907)