Wood? Melville & Phillips

Two men and a woman; In a Snappy Pot-Pourri of Song and Story; one takes the character of a Hebrew comedian; Miss Phillips performs an acrobatic dance; this act went big. 20 min. in one.

George Wilson and Ben Larson.

  10 Mins, One and Full Stage. The comedy is not bad at any time. Most of it is gotten through one holding a violin without playing it and repeating a “nut” announcement while the other fools about. The acrobatics are taken from a spring- board /mostly, with some new- tricks in that line. One of the team makes several heavy falls. The boys do not try too much talk and handle it well enough as they do their comedy, with the acrobatics the main strength for applause. For “an encore in “one,” it is announced Mr. Larson or Mr. Wilson will do a “double from the ground,” “the only person ever successfully doing this feat” The man on the stage intently watches the wings where the other is supposed to take his start from, the orchestra strums up to the acrobatic break, when the one in front of the audience yells to the other if he did the trick, and hearing the reply, “Yes,” bows ta the audience arid walks off. The house seemed to take to this scheme of foolery and the light applause almost immediately was swollen into a volume that forced the boys to return, for two or three acknowledgements. It’s a good comedy acrobatic act with about the only question left as to whether one acrobatic trick at least should not be reserved for the finish in “one” with the present comedy ending of course retained.

Geo and Burnett

12 Mins. Full Stage. With the proper eliminations this act should develop into a pop opening act for the couple has a good idea. The man does eccentric comedy, as a re- pair man calling at an apartment to fix the lights. There after a too long comedy section the man mounts a ladder, slips off and catches on to the chandelier, which falls apart uncovering a trapeze. He shows something on the bar. The woman changes her gown to sonbret costume behind a screen, the man attempting comedy through peeking. The finish finds the girl on a web (instead of a rope) with the man balancing it.

Murel and Rex.

8 Mins.; Full Stage. Man and woman with a familiar contortioning, comedy falls and table stunts. He effects a clown make-up and she wears silk jacket and knickers. Both are good athletes. The woman does some worth-while contortioning on a chair. Good small time openers.

Joe Laurier, Jr.

Joe Laurie. Jr., next to closing, had to follow the ”girl act’ and did the best he could, as much as anyone could have done. Laurie got something when bringing on his “parents” and they Just saved him. Closing was a comedy acrobatic trio, playing before under another name but now with a new opening from which the three men take their title, “30 Pink Toes.” As the drop goes up, their 30 toes are faced toward the audience, with two of the men in bed and one on a soft. It brought laughs for about a minute. Their comedy rough ‘house acrobatics got some more, but the men make the latter too noisy.


9 Mins; One. Apparently two acrobats who are trying to get away from a straight tumbling turn and have devised a quantity of “nut” stuff and dancing to serve as a novelty. They are not yet sure of themselves and do their clowning in an uncertain way that leaves the audience at times wondering If they are kidding themselves or the customers. One of the men lies prone on the stage and waves his arms while the other displays a sign “impersonation of a swimmer.” The comic flops about the stage when the banner reads “a hooch hound.” Both men seize every opportunity to make announcements, with the usual results when an acrobat talks to an audience. They have a burlesque lariat manipulating bit that might be developed, but most of the stuff needs remoulding by an expert hand. This is not true of the acrobatic dance which serves as the finale, and which is a first rate performance.

Valentine & Bell

11 min. Man and woman in a comedy bicycle turn. Some good comedy is worked up by the man riding tables, chairs and other furniture and the straight riding of the two is well handled. They have a new idea and furnished a very good opener.

Regal & Bender

Two boys with some comedy talk and some very good acrobatic work. The talk is fair; the acrobatic work, very good, and they finish with two tricks that are so startling and unexpected that they pull the audience right out of their seats. The tricks are: One man hangs head downward, the other fellow standing under him, turns a half somersault and is caught by the feet by the other man. In the second, the man hangs feet downward, the other one turns a half somersault and they are caught feet to feet. This does not seem wonderful in the same description, but in the action, it is the most startling thing I ever saw. If they did only these two things the act would be worth playing.

The Pritchers

Man and woman in full stage 14 min. Comedy acrobat offering on the bump order with a finish of the “Melrose” Fall from these three tables. The woman does very little in this offering. Went well.

Six Schiovanis

7 min. This is a foreign act, four men and a woman doing a routine of floor and lofty tumbling stunts. Two of the men work in comedy makeup and inject some funmaking. The woman is a useful member of the troupe, acting as understander in many of the pyramids. The act is showy and well handled. Did very nicely in the closing position.