Haslam “Escape Expert”

He gets away from the handcuff tricks entirely, confining himself almost exclusively to liberating himself from straight jackets. In this department he goes the established acts one better. His first escape is from a straight jacket used, so says the announcer, in the public insane asylums. The jacket is secured upon Haslam, who is then tied up in a loose canvas bag. He emerges free in something less than three minutes. The bag is left in the centre of the stage and Haslam's writhings can be followed vaguely. If it is possible he should make this escape in full view of the audience. The second escape is made from a navy jacket while the expert struggles in a wooden cabinet three and a half feet wide and not much higher. For the third feat a metal tube 15 inches in diameter is provided. Haslam squeezes himself into the narrow cylinder, which is about 14 feet long, at one end and emerges from the other garbed only in fleshings, having removed in his progress a full suit of evening clothes. The final test is an escape from a simpler straight-jacket while H
All that Haslam needs is skillful newspaper exploiting to place him to the fore as a feature attraction. He has a novelty in escape work and with experience should develop it to a high degree.
Variety 8:1 (08/03/1907)