Genarro’s Gondolier Band

Newly costumed and slightly augmented it now makes a new bid with a Venetian setting of canals, moonlight effects and gondoliers.
At the opening a singing trio passes across the back with the stage in half light, the number being accompanied by the strumming of guitar and mandolin. The band enters from both sides.
The program runs a good deal to John Phiip Sousa numbers and patriotic selections including the ever present "Dixie."
The house liked the item immensely and held it three minutes after the curtain.
The appeal is made at first through the picturesqueness of the setting and the costuming. This being so, it was poor judgement to use a beer bottle case, with the name of the brewer very much in evidence, as a rest for the bass drum.
Variety 3:4 (03/23/1907)