U.S. Navy Jazz Band

23 min. The Band was a riot and could have stayed on the stage as long as they wanted. The audience went wild with applause and after they had given a couple of encores were not allowed to go until the director introduced the Liberty Loan Speaker. The boys then went among the audience taking up subscriptions for the Loan. One of the biggest hits we have ever had in the house.

U.S. Navy “Jazz” Band

25 min. f.s.. in 1 ½ – F.S. Mr. McGowan assisted by two girls in a very bright miniature musical comedy; held this spot well closing to good hand.

Le Pollu

The opening turn is Le Pollu, a man clad In a French soldier’s uniform, who Slays a cornet and other curious brass horns. He balances one of them on his lips while leaning backward and not holding on (while playing two cornets at the same time), and for a finish plays the “Star Spangled Banner” compelling everyone to stand up after just having become comfortably seated.

The California Boys Band

18 min. This well known organization from San Francisco has been playing vaudeville for two seasons and was a big hit here. Since this act first appeared in Philadelphia, it has developed speed, offers a more varied program and has a stronger finish; in fact, can be classed as one of the best closing acts for big time vaudeville today.

Guiseppe Creatore and his Band of Fifty

27 minutes f.s. Garden. This organization was put in as an extra added attraction on top of the regular bill. They played three numbers, a march; the sextette from ‘Lucia’ and ‘Faust.’ A wonderful closing feature to a great, big show.

Lasky’s “In the Barracks”

This 35 minute military operetta is gorgeously costumed and scenically, it is very beautiful. All that is lacking is voices. One of the best parts of the whole act is Myles McCarthy in the character of the chauffeur. Spec. set. F.S.

U.S. Jazz Band

19 min. F.S. These boys are not up to their former standard and in (neither program or musicianship consequently did not go as well as when seen here last.

The Jazzland Naval Octette

United States Naval Boys Who Have Seen Service “Over There.” Playing numerous musical instruments, piano and singing. 15 min. full; Went very big.

The U.S. Jazz Band

17 min. f.s. This organization got a nice reception and made one of the biggest hits of the season, even better than their first appearance.