Miss New York, Jr.

(May Ynir) She dresses neatly although not lavishly, with one exception. This is in her olio specialty with Eleanor Revere. Here both girls wore gowns of flaming share. Miss Revere, the primma donna, has a soprano voice of value and makes a pretty and graceful stage picture, particularly in the burlesque, where she wore a gold bespangled gown and tights in the finale.
Burkhardt has only one song in the early part of the proceedings, and dsiplays an agreeable voice that the audience would have listened to further. The Majestic Musical Four have an attractive layout of numbers, making their selections for the most part from among the best of the popular melodies. They go from instrument to instrument with pleasing variety and keep the act running with a high degree of speed.
Herbert Simons makes a funny Dutchman Bert Veldmar, the Irishman, has little to do in the pieces, his contribution being mainly an excellent comedy bar act in the olio.
A clean show, well put on and presented with a good singing organization and clever comedians.
Variety 3:2 (03/09/1907)