Cherry Blossoms

Lillie Walsh wore a pretty frock of black and white on which spangles were used with taste, but shortly after Cora White appeared in a coak, pretty in itself, bt made hideous by a thick covering or sparklers resembling Christmas tree contraptions in the violence of their coloring and brilliance of sheen.
Both girls had agreeable voices and did well with their numbers, which were backed up by the well-dresed chorus His song "The City of Booze" was one of the hits of the piece. opened the olio with a soubrette singing act, made attractive by her good "coon" voice Putnam has an excellent bass voice and the singing numbers were enjoyable.
some first-rate new ideas in their comedy acrobatic act. They have a new trick in which they start off stage close together and halfway do a "rollover" across the table.
the usual Hebrew dialect act with a fair lot of parodies Nolan and White made their sketch "Looking for a Record"
There are places where the talk approaches the danger line of suggestiveness, but in the average the show would be put down as a "clean" one.
Variety 1:1 (05/01/1907)