Reilly & Woods

Miss. Fransioli has a partner named Vinie Henshaw. Miss Henshaw, for a “sister” act in the olio. Miss Henshaw wears some dress also in the after piece, but unlike the other girl, who has the appearance of sitting in a boat, Vinie had her costume cut so short in the back that she wears a locket between her shoulder blades to vary the broad expanse. Both girls wear jewelry; so much, in fact, that one imagines a ton of diamonds or several brushes of pearls might be sold to purchase a pair of silk stockings for their finish in “Scenes Behind Scenes,” which is the olio offering, drawn altogether too tough and containing an overplus of “kidding.” Three of the four in the group of 13 girls are good looking.

Bohemian Burlesquers

The four is cut up into practically four parts. First part opens with a chorus neatly costumes in a pretty adaptation of Western cowboy dress. The same costumes employed for the first four numbers, when there is a change to pyjamas and the finale showed an attractive military dressing. The show contains a sister act featuring Catto and Revere.

The Jolly Girls

female impersonators. The impersonations are carried to the extreme of having two boys dressed as girls in the opening chorus and afterwards doing a “sister” dance in the olio.