Dreamland Burlesquers

All the numbers are lavishly dressed and Aggie Behler, the soubrette, displayed one of the most elaborate wardrobes seen about the local burlesque houses in many weeks. She has four changes in the first act, wearing a fresh costume for the finale of that piece. pretty girls and graceful dancing.
One of the pretties numbers of the show was a "coon" song, "Hannah from Louisiana," capitally led by the Melnotte Sisters, in which the male voices were used to good effect off stage. Their voices give weight to all the musical numbers and a fine strong bass, apparently belonging to Fred Barnes, was heard throughout to good effect.
a good song with entertaining comedy supplied by Harry Fox, the leading comedian and Dave Marion. a German dialect part, aided by William Laurence in a Hebrew role, while Marion played "straight" except for a comedy bit. good many old and obvious jokes
The girls, fourteen in number, are a well-selected lot, running to agreeable plumpness without getting into the heavyweight class and wroked with dash and speed. The dialogue is notably free from suggestiveness.
Variety 1:2 (12/01/1907)