Bernard and Weston

Mike Bernard and Willie Weston have partnered up to perform a number of "piano acts," with Bernard previously performing as a single and Weston having been part of a burlesque act. While Bernard is chiefly the accompanist to Weston's character songs, he also performs a number of solos that highlight his fingering skills, as well as an original piece titled "Tickling Rag." In addition Bernard uses his skills on the piano to imitate both fife and drum corps. Weston's various songs have him singing in "negro, 'Yiddish', Italian and Scotch dialects." This act also features a notable impression of the "colored comedian" Bert Will
Bernard played wonderfully, highlighting his improvisational skills and offering entertainment beyond the average accompanist. Weston's "Yiddish" and "Rag" proved to be his best numbers, while his impression of Bert Williams captured his gestures well. The act overall, however, was perceived as too long. It is recommended that the 25 minute runtime be reduced to 18.
Variety 21:5 (01/07/1911)