Madge P. Maitland

She is offering more of a singing monolog. The talk is introduced with a reason and the different parts hold together. She gives an idea of a tough boy trying to tell his pal a few bits of American history. The talk has virtue, if only in the fact that it is away from the hackneyed stories and gags that have been repeated until they ‘bag at the knee.
While the talk is good, singing is her forte. She has a voice that is right at home with a coon song. Although her first number fits her perfectly, it is rather old, and something of a little later vintage should be secured. A bit of a fool Irish song was very nicely handled. Just at present the Scotch seems to be the thing.
It was a Scotch number that made Miss Maitland a hit. It would be well to say also that Miss Maitland made "Highland Mary" a hit with the Monday night audience.
Miss Maitland looks well on the stage even against the handicap of an unbecoming gown. Vaudeville should come to like Miss Maitland.
Variety 13:4(01/02/1909)