Bigelow and Clinton

Bigelow and Clinton, a two-man singing turn, registered strongly in the deuce spot with a good song cycle. A Chinese double with the pianist handling comedy Chinese Reponses scored strongly. A few lines pulled in Yiddish almost broke up the number.

James Dougherty

“The Irish Minstrel” — Irish songs and stores — 13 min. in one; went fair.

Belle Baker

Miss Baker was next to closing and drew a reception on entering. She sang, “Mammy’s arms,” a new Hebrew comedy song. “Holding Hands,” “Broadway Blues,” a wop number, “Pittsburgh,” and was forced to “Eli, Eli” after repeated shouted demands from the house Miss Baker was in excellent voice.

Clark and Virdi

Clark and Virdi, next to closing, held the spot creditably, gathering a high average of laughs with their natural “Wop” character conversational exchanges. The team is using several new statuettes for comedy dialog, and get a lot out of series of plays on the word, “history.” The songs landed for usual results.  

William O’Clare

William O’Clare and girls offered a pleasing routine of Irish songs O’Clare plays a miniature organ and displayed a good voice in several numbers sung. His yodeling drew the biggest applause. The girls assist in a small way and otherwise lend atmosphere to the setting employed if an Irish village. Charles Rice and Ruthie Francis register strongly with a connected routine of talk, songs and dances.  

Sisters Meredith

“The Maids Who made Hiawatha Famous”. This act is well known. Same line of stuff they have always done. Carry a lot of special scenery. Go from 1 to full stage and back.

Sam Dody

This young fellow sang coon and Dago songs and sang them to the evident satisfaction of the entire house. Opens in full dress with a coon song. Changes to character Dago and got along very well. Finished strong.

Meredith Sisters

3 shows, 13 min. open in 1, go to 3 and close in 1. These girls are good looking and shapely, and costume tastefully. They did not make much of a hit with their opening song, but went strong with “Hiawatha,” which was rendered with special effects and in Indian costume. They finished with a lively dance. The act is a good one.

Princess Chinquilla and Ed Newll

18 min. open full stage close in 1 – This act went even better than I thought it would, in a fair place on the bill. There seems to be some novelty about it that people appreciate. They opened with an Indian scene, with a fire and tent, and Newell does a bit of juggling with a ball and sticks that is quite clever. Then Chinquilla sings two songs, one an Indian number, and the finishes is a selection by the pair, which got a great hand. The act is an excellent one at the figure.