Dunedin Troupe

The boy of the act Monday night caught his double spin around the handlebars with only one slip, and the house stopped the proceedings with a spontaneous burst of applause. The girls are pretty and chic, and beside their riding have a bit of a dance and some distinctly catchy ground tumbling. The boys do smooth acrobatic work as well, and all hands get into the finish with a rush and enthusiasm that would stir any audience to delight.
The audience did the Dunedin Troupe the unusual compliment of remaining seated to applaud at the close of the show.
There is no other act of the sort that approaches this quintet in quality of work. From entrance to whirlwind finish there is not a dull minute. The single riding, team work and feature tricks are without exception smooth, fast and well worked up.
Variety 6:1 (06/01/1907)