Hanlon & Hanlon

6 min. Two men in a routine of hand-to-hand work. Plenty of speed and some new tricks well handled. Did very well in the opening spot.

Seven Bracks

8 min. f.s. Good fast acrobatic act in a class by itself. Went good.

Darras Bros.

8 min. Two men in a good routine of head and hand balancing, also trapeze tricks. Did very well as an opener.

Hanlon & Hanlon

6 min. f.s., Neat and fast hand to hand balancing. Made a good opener.

The Four Ankers

7 min., f.s., spl. Two men and two women with a nice stage setting, doing a neat, fast acrobatic act. Closed well.

Geo. & Dick Rath

6 min. f.s.. These boys have the best act of its kind (hand balancing) seen here this season. Went good.

The Levollos

12 min. f.s.. Man and woman in novelty wire act. Have very good routine and made nice opening act. Went good.

Page, Hack & Mack

Two men and woman in a very good hand balancing act. Closed well.

Seven Bracks

12 min. A very showy acrobatic turn by seven men. They wear attractive costumes and their routine of tricks is varied and well executed, particularly the risely work which is about the best we have seen. Made an excellent closing act.

Lunette Sisters

9 min. A routine of teeth tricks on a whirling apparatus during which they change costumes several times. Made a good showy opening.