Three Meers

The double step and finish on the “endless wire” was effective. Miss Meer has a “graceful carriage and refined appearance” — she should be more featured

Toledo and Price

“extreme contortionists. Toledo does one turn never seen before. If he keeps it up twice a day it is most probable that we won’t see him doing it much longer”

Nelson-Farnum Co.

a girl does 11 consecutive handsprings on a table. 30 years ago they used to do 60 “in as many seconds” without stop.

The Three De Koes

They use head pads for balancing. “It is customary nowadays to wear these head pads for this style of acrobatics, but the same work, if not better, was done over forty years ago without their assistance”

W.S. Harvey

he juggles everything in a bedroom set and ends by balancing a “big double bed on his chin”


“queen of sensational aerialists”. She “throws out personal souvenirs as usual” (she undresses on the trapeze)