Empire Pictures

There are two statues posings by Mr. Marcantonio in a bronze covering and a fig leaf, which with a pink fleshing expose (once repeated) by Madeline Tate comprised of the “living picture” portion of the twelve effects, all shown in eighteen minutes, inclusive of the waits.
The audience did not go into raptures at any time, not even when a Miss Edwardes held up the stage by singing “The Lost Chord,” while a Miss King posed before a painted church organ, and Frederick Soloman, the orchestra leader, played the real instrument.
A revolving platform gives speed, the figures being set on the reverse side while the audience views the front scene.
There are said to be sixty pictures in the repertoire. Some more tart than those shown the first night will have to be produced for a “sensation.”
There is no girl among the Englishwomen strikingly handsome and the “Empire Pictures” passed away as an incident in the variety bill on the roof.
Variety 6:1 (06/01/1907)