Jules Garrison & Co.’s Dixie

At times Garrison burst out in long, patriotic sermons addressed from stage centre to the chandelier, with much posing and mouthing. The rest was ridiculous love-making from across the stage and farcical talk with an orderly. The dramatic climax was capped with the entrance of a “mob” that was side splitting in its fearsome oddity. The crowd is supposed to be made up of enraged citizens thirsting for the blood of the Union officer (Mr. Garrison) until their rage is stilled by the strains of the “new” song “Dixie.”
Before the sketch had been running ten minutes they were rustling programs, striking matches and even laughing outright at the stilted speeches of Garrison.
The whole sketch is full of “false quantities” and inaccuracis, and in its present form will never do.
Variety 6:1 (06/01/1907)