Wells & Fisher

Singing, talking and dancing. 12 minutes in (I). Fairly good act, much of their stuff being extremely old. Their only happy moments, and these are decidedly few, appear to have been purloined from Wood & Wyde whose appearance here is still fresh in one’s memory.

Callahan & St. Geo

After having had Callahan & Mack several times (who were very strong favorites in this town) the act in its present shape hardly satisfies. I can’t say that Miss St. George is at all bad in the act, in fact she is rather good, but she by no means replaces Mr. Mac and on account of the familiarity of the audience with the older offering, this one fell short. 20 min, FS, 2 shows.

Frances Abbott and Company

On at 4.44, 21 min, full stage. Owing to reports that I have read concerning this act I was extremely fearful of it this afternoon, but was agreeably surprised at the way it went. While the adult members of the company are not particularly good, in fact they are almost distinctly bad. Miss Frances Abbott, who, by the way, although looking about two years old, carries a birth-certificate showing that she can play anywhere is a clever and versatile youngster. I really think that this act would make good in the smaller cities and would be a find at the price, one twenty five, which I think could be cut to one hundred.

Friend & Downing

These boys held their own in a very tough spot, but I am not inclined to agree with many other reports on the act that it is the best act of its kind in vaudeville neither did it make as big a hit, in the same spot on the bill and Howard & Howard did last week. It is worth the salary we are paying it, but I should hate it any more. 18 min. in 1, 2 shows.

Miles & Rickards

I am somewhat disappointed in this act; looked for something much better indeed from reports and from what I had been told of. It is not bad from a 3-a-day standpoint and might hold second place in the smaller 3-a-day houses. That is the best that could be said for it and I think they are overpaid, even as prices go, about $25.00. 13 min. in 1, 3 shows.

Gardner & Stoddard

On at 2.26, 14 min full stage, close in 1, 6 min; 21 min in all. Their close in 1 is by an advance arrangement made with them, and it handicaps them slightly. Still, the act did not make the impression that I thought it would, possibly on account of the audience which, although large, was very frosty. From the way they went today, I could not give them a better place on the bill.

Stella Mayhew & Co.

23 min. Interior, full stage. “It Happened In Utah”, introducing Miss Mayhew, Mr. Taylor and Miss Laura Clement. The third member of this company is a great detriment to the act and could easily be done away with. I talked with Mr. Taylor on this matter and he thinks himself that it would improve the act to out her out but is afraid that if he were to do so there would be some disappointment since he contracted for three people. Mr. Taylor does very well and Miss Mayhew is, of course, a big hit. I think she is undoubtedly one of the best women in Vaudeville.

Edna Luby

16 min. Ohio. Imitations of Cohen, Dressler, Edna Hay and David Warfield. I think Miss Luby’s imitation of David Warfield is undoubtedly the work this I have ever seen on the stage. However, it seems to go big with the audience and I guess that is about all we can ask. Her other imitations are fair. The act, taken as a whole, pleases. She is not as good as her first appearances here.

Keeley Brothers

On at 1.40, 9 min full stage, 3 min close in 1, 12 min in all. I fail to see why this act should not do three shows in the continuous houses. Of course as a bag-punching act it is very good, but I do not see how it could hold a better place than number one on any bill. They have not improved enough, surely, since they were last here doing 3-a-day to get into the 2-a-day division. 4 min. wait, caused by Holden’s Mannikins not being ready.

Edwin Stevens & Co.

‘A Night Out.’ Man and woman. Here is a very clever gentleman whose work went well from first to last. I think he could have a more capable woman to support him but Miss Marshall is by no means bad. There is not much of a story to the offering but it proves of interest and was well received. 18 minutes, CDF.