Les Renos

6 men. Parisian Pantomimic Burglars. In a quick break-away, slap-stick, trick-house pantomime. Did not go so well this afternoon with the holiday crowd. After it is in better working shape, I think it will be more appreciated. At the price, the act is alright. 12 min. full stage.

Solomon 11

Mathematician. I really believe he is as good as Inaudi. This man multiplys [sic] and adds figures on a blackboard in one just as fast as the audience can give them. Tells the ages as rapidly as they give him the day and the date. Held the attention of the audience throughout. Act is novel in the three-show section, and, therefore, should have immediate booking. 12 min. in one, 3 shows.

Frank Bryan & His American Girls

18 minutes, opening in one 4 minutes, closing full stage. Mr. Bryan has a very novel idea in which he introduces President Roosevelt, The Mikado, Uncle Sam and Russian Army officer, also 13 girls and 2 men who make many changes forming flags of different countries. This act gets as much applause as any act we have ever played.

Annie & Jennie Yeamans

Interior. 16 minutes. Can open in two, closing in one. This act is going very good – Jennie Yeamans doing practically the same line of work she did in her single specialty, assisted by her mother who introduces the song and dance she did 30 years ago. The act is more than making good, and I feel sure that the age of Mrs. Yeamans will create quite a little talk, which may possibly help our business.

Three Seldoms

Three men in artistic posses [sic]. Human statues in marble poses. This is without exception a very good act and went very well the audience this afternoon. Their last called ‘At the Finish’ is one of the best things I have ever seen and received three curtain calls.

Deltorelli & Glissando

Grotesque musical novelty act introducing several novelty instruments and finishing with the musical bell act laying on their back and playing it with their feet. Comedy only fair with this act. Fair applause at the finish. 15 minutes. Palace in 5.

The Maginleys

Aerial gymnasts. The act is very similar to the act of the Aerial Smiths but lacks the speed of this act. The man works very smoothly but the woman of the team seemed rather fleshy to do this kind of work. Applause very light. Full stage. 10 minutes.


This act lacks something, can’t say just what it is I think the people are liable to wonder just how it is done and creates a little interest in that way and is amusing, in a mild form for the children. If it was getting about one-half the salary and doing 3 shows, I would class it as a good act. 8 min. in 1, can work in 2, 2 shows.

Durand Trio

Three Italian vocalists. They sing two songs in Italian and two in English; make three changes of costume. They are not ‘street’ singers as they have been described in some places. A good 3-a-day act, good enough to go considerably further down on the bill than I have them here this week. 12 min. in 3 shows.

The Sunny South

6 men and 6 women (colored). Presenting a singing and dancing number, entitled: ‘A Song Story of Dixie.’ They carry their own scenery, representing a garden in the South. Opens tame with the girl’s song rather flat. The talking and the comedy end does not amount to anything, although good in spots. The finish is the best part of the act, consisting of lively coon singing and dancing and calls for many laughs and got strong applause.  In its entirety the act is alright. 20 min, full stage, 2 shows.