Piccolo Midgets

15 minutes, opening in one 3 minutes, closing full stage, wood. This is undoubtedly the best midget act in the business, introducing wrestling at the matinees, boxing at the night performances, heavy weight lifting, trapeze performance and travesty on the Salvation Army. The act is an enormous hit with the patrons, especially this week since we are playing to so many children.

Felix Barry & Co

The company is young Miss Emily Barry, the sketch ‘The Boy next Door,’ doing practically the same as the offering they had last year. Felix does about the same style of work also Miss Barry. With a holiday crowd today the act went quite well. CDF in 3. 23 minutes.

Frank and Jan Latona

2 shows, 29 min, open in 3, close in 1. In a musical comedy. Miss Latona plays several selections on the piano and sings a couple of songs. Act has been described from New York. All of their selections and songs were encored, but still it did not strike the audience as big this afternoon as I expected and I have moved it up a couple of pegs tonight. However, it is all right, although I think it is paid too much.

Valerie Bergere

2 shows, 28 min, full stage. Assisted by a company of five, in the one-act dramatic version of ‘Carmen.’ When the curtain rose today the stage setting was given quite a hand and it was followed with interest and closed strong. We made special efforts to keep it away from the children and as a consequence it did not appear when the biggest audiences were in the house.

Josephine Cohan & Co

In ‘Friday, the 13th.’ Miss Cohan has a very good sketch, good support, and some very good songs and dances and considering her reputation (which must have some draft) if we were paying her $150 less, I would recommend it as a first class act, but for the salary we are paying it. It is pilling it on decidedly. 23 min, full stage, 2 shows.

Harmony’s Cats & Dogs

This is one of the best animal acts I have seen, not because of any marvelous work that they do, but because of the novelty of the act, animals giving sort of a little drama following a consecutive story, more or less, in pantomime. With the holiday crowd, it went especially well. I think it will make good with all classes. 13 min, full stage, 2 shows.

Avon Comedy Four

With the holiday crowd, this act was the hit of the show; that is, with the upstairs portion of it. However, it is to my mind, especially lacking in merit and is too rough and coarse to be considered, in an important way, in our houses. At 3 shows a day and at the very highest $150. I would say it was a very good act, but under the present arrangement, I cannot recommend it. 18 min, open in 3, close in 1, 2 shows.

Syd Baxter

Slack-wire performer. Most of his work is the traditional order of acts of this nature, excepting his work on the bicycle and unicycle which is rather unusual. The act is all right, in fact from a 3 a day standpoint, very good, but from what he has been asking in the way of terms, wanting 2 shows, I thought it was a good deal better. 12 min. full stage, 3 shows.

Musical Bennetts

This is an act of ‘black-art’ after the manner of ‘Kleist,’ but not nearly so good. This musical end, in this in fact is exceptionally bad. He has one or two little tricks that are new, and the act may be classed as fairly good from a 3 a day standpoint. 15 min. full stage, 3 shows.

Elmer Tenley

This man opens with a lot of new material pertaining to the race course, which alright for New York, but I doubt if it would go in the other houses. The balance of his act consists of the old material, which is always acceptable here. Went just as strong as before. 16 min. in one, 2 shows.