Hazel Moran

The Girl with the Lariats. Good act of the kind, went over farily good. 7 min in 3.

Arthur Terry

The Talking Cowboy. Does stunts with his rope, such as tieing knots,, etc., talking all the time doing the same. 7 min. in one; went poor.

Kit Karson

Sensational Wire Novelty. Opens with the lariat then goes to the wire –does some fine shooting in different positions on the wire. Received hands thru act and a fair one at finish. 9 min. full.

Mr. & Mrs. Chamberlain

3 shows, 12 min, full stageā€”The work of these people is something of a novelty, as rope throwing is not familiar to the audiences here in the East. There was not much applause throughout the act, but they get a good hand at the finish.

The Chamberlins

man and woman in an exhibition in what can be done with the rope lasso. The act is quite novel and they introduce some rather remarkable methods of handling a rope. There is nothing about the act to get any great amount of applause, but the audience seemed to be very much pleased and interested in it. 10 minutes; full stage.

Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain

3 shows, 10 min. full stage. In their rope and lasso manipulation. First time in two years. Interesting act that could easily be moved into an early, lace in the 2 show section. Got a lot of applause.

The Chamberlains

GRR 3. Man and woman. Rope and lasso manipulations. This act has not been seen here in nearly a year and they treated it as a sort of novelty. Went strong. 11 mins. full stage, can close in one if necessary.

Duke and But.

Two men, in cowboy regalia, offer knife throwing, target shooting and lasso whirling. The taller does the shooting but his repertory has nothing unusual.

The Cravers

Have many slips. They use a pretty girl who is a clever horse woman but she and the man both fall down too often.