Hazel Moran

6 min. f.s. This girl does good work with the lariats and made nice opener.

Hazel Moran

Hazel Moran, a lariat manipulator, entertained for a little over a half dozen minutes with some good role work, reinforced by a running fire of chatter. She claims to be in the only woman spinning 85 feet of rope. It’s good work if she isn’t the one.  


Sullivan follows all the rope spinners and stage cowboys and shows a real novelty in lariat spinning and real honest-to-goodness “gun fanning.” Opening in cowboy attire he explains the uses of a rope in ranching and cattle punching, and does some new tricks, such as tieing four knots at once and then reversing the procedure. The jumping in and out of the noose is also listed, but the cowboy explains that it has no practical value in “hog tieing” a steer and illustrates. He closes with a description of what is meant by the term “gun fanning,” using an old-fashioned Colt .45, with a hammer that requires pulling back or “fanning.” From the holster the gun leaps into Sullivan’s hand and is fired so quickly that the eye cannot follow his movements. Follow an illustration of spinning a gun and firing which was often used in the Southwest in its wild days, when a man was covered and asked to hand over his weapon. Holding the gun butt forward toward his adversary, the “gun man” suddenly spins the handle, into his own hand and fires it with almost incredible speed. The fault of the turn at present is the talkiness as the artist has to orate at length to Illustrate his demonstrations. Comedy talk or some other method of Introduction would help. It’s a real novelty.

Chuck Haas

And his educated ropes – dressed asa [sic] Cowboy – Chuck keeps up a running line of talk while manipulating the ropes; 12 min. in one; went good.

Bee Ho Gray & Ada Sommerville

12 min. “Pastimes of the West.” Their routine consists of some very good rope handling by the man, which forms the principal part of the act. The woman puts a horse through a few tricks. The man gets some laughs with his talk and the act went very well in the closing position.

Jack Wyatt’s Scotch Lads and Lassies

24 minutes fs. Special set. This act has improved almost 100% since its first appearance here, – and it was a good act then. Gave the show a running start that kept things moving right down to the final curtain.

Bee Ho Gray

Assisted by Ada Somerville and a beautiful horse, “Onion.” Mr. Gray is one of the best rope throwers we have ever had. The horse does some exceptionally good tricks, besides being a very beautiful animal. The act as a whole is an exceptionally good one, and makes a pleasing closing to a very fine bill. 12 minutes, full stage.

Myers & Rosa

Lariat act. They did very well, although acts of that kind no longer have much novelty. The girl tries to inject a little comedy into the act with just some superfluous yelling which I think detracts. I am having it cut out the rest of the week. 10 min. F.S.

Myers & Ross

The Cowboy and the Girl. Lariat throwing went fair. 8 min. full stage.

Myers and Rosa

12 minutes f.s. Lariat throwers. Very good work. Made a first rate opening act.