Dooley and Storey

Dooley and Storey were in the next to closing spot of the bill and went over nicely. The unicycle work of Dooley was eliminated from the act here.

Harry Fisher

Harry Fisher, assisted by a girl (formerly there were two in the company), opened the show with his cycling routine. The girl was on first with bit of wheel work, following for some reason by a dance. The last was out of place. The girl, however, showed her worth later, appearing in an “Annslie Kellerman” to show off a nifty figure while she tramed [sic] with Fisher awheel [sic].  

Ward and Dooley

Ward and Dooley closed the show with a diversity of entertainment. They opened with a song and dance in one, went to full stage and cut loose with some trick bicycle riding that went well and closed with a Roping act in chaps and sombreros. Ward announced an impression of Will Rogers that would lead one to believe that he is not very impressionable, but the act has plenty of merit and could get along nicely without the “Imitations.”

Burke Bros.

Burke Bros. opened the show, following the first presentation of the feature picture, “Yellow Typhoon,” which through being extensively advertised was responsible for visitors at 10. The opening team got over with fair results. Two stunts utilizing an old Columbia bicycle and a modern wheel machine feature the turn, with one of the offerings very much camouflaged. The balancing of one the partners in mid-sir while gripped on to the pedals is too prolonged for best results.    

The Australian Wheelers

2 men comedy bicycle act, comedy is very good riding clever, good act to open any show 8 minutes full stage, went very good.

The Four Ritchies

Cyclists. 10 min., full stage. Act consists principally of the introduction of a large number of freak machines. Roars of laughter throughout, and a splendid closing act. Went big.

Cycling Zanoras

Bicycle act using full stage. About the same as the ordinary run of bicycle acts. Good for a show opener and that’s all.

Lorimer Hudson and Co.

15 Mins. Full Stage. Two girls and two men in a routine of trick bicycling. The girls open the act with the usual double trick stuff. Attractive costumes consisting of abbreviated skirts and white tights are worn. One of the men next does a brief routine of trick, riding, appearing in misfit suit which he discards for straight attire, while riding. The fourth member of the act, a tramp comic gets the stage next for some familiar but very cleverly performed comedy riding. The girls change to nifty looking one piece costumes for another routine of double maneuvers. The tramp comic does another single and following some fast ensemble formations, the turn closes with the four on elevated wheels, with the tramp standing out by his comedy odd twists and turns on the highest of the elevated wheels, which through a mechanical arrangement has the rider perched on a saddle about twenty feet from the ground. The act went over opening the show at the 23rd Street last half. It’s a standard turn.