Kaufman Troupe

One of the girls does solo work almost equaling Minnie Kaufman, the former female star of the act. The triplet riding by one of the boys is good although the machine is small in size.


Almost the same group formations as the Proveanis. One new form of single wheel is shown, a board is mounted with pedals some three inches from the centre. The minor costume changes were made but the white costumes they use soil easily.

Six Proveanies

New in name only. Part of a larger troupe appearing at the Hippodrome. No men are used in the act except for an assistant. Two of the younger girls are clever riders. One of them suggests Ralph Johnson daredevil features. She is agile and works with sureness. She does a great deal to save the act. The colour difference between stockings and knickerbockers is unpleasant. They should be dyed to match.

Ralph Johnstone

After a three year tour, he returns with a greatly improved act. He was the first artist to make the jump from a pedestal to the stage on a wheel and he now does it from a higher elevation. He has a new trick in which he turns a complete somersault on the wheel and land upon a spring-board which gives him rebound.

George Bonhair-Gregory Troupe

Seven men compose this troupe. The work is clean and snappy, and the boys, who are very young, are thrown around in good style. The ground work, of which there is little shown, is of top-notch order, and inclines one to desire that they could extend themselves in this department before leaving.

Marriott Twins

Dissapointing in their big tricks. Handle safeties, tandems and ordinaries, keeping them in motion much after the fasion of gun jugglers. The cycles are trimmed of their pedals and most of the spokes to reduce weight. Also twirl a runabout and a automoble. The runabout is stripped of its fifth wheel and running gear.


caused many more thrills than would be expected by the appearance of the apparatus. A catch or drag is attached to the wheel, the velocity is not attained in the descent which would be natural at the angle the incline is set.