Aubrey and Frank

The act was thirteen minutes long. A comedian and a straight do a comedy routine which is similar to one the McNaughtons did a few years ago. The comedian is English in style and the straight is a good feeder. The straight beats up the comedian at the end.

Jack Strouse

The act was eleven minutes long. Strouse sings five songs and does a few recitations in evening clothes. He opens with “Mellow Melody” and a coon song, and then changes for a “wop” story and an Italian number. He does a recitation for his encore.

Mattie Phillips and “Jungle Kids”

The act was thirteen minutes long on the full stage. A large African American woman sings and dances “violently” and is assisted by three young African American girls. They do cartwheels and eccentric dancing that “works up into a riot of action”.

Ruth Becker

The act was ten minutes long. Becker sings three coon songs with no costume changes. “Her style runs the gamut from the rhapsodical to the pleading, plaintive and naive, winding up with low-comedy ‘mugging'”.

Kimberly and Moore

The act was thirteen minutes long on the full stage. Two men sing and play the piano. They do some pleasing “talk” as they play.


Figure of about man size, dressed in Chinese costume and connected by wires to a small cabinet. Numbers and words are written by men in the audience and one man chooses a card and the figure is able to read them. Two poker hands are dealt to audience members and the figure guesses how many cards each will draw.

Al H. Weston and Company

Mr. Weston is the new head of the cast, having bought the act. The sketch remains unchanged in the essentials. The dance is good.

Roland West

Mr.West plays seven parts, the best of which are the old man, Prof. Scribs and the newsboy. A melodramatic struggle between “Reddy” Scribs, the murderer and the police attendant has been added with a green spotlight. West handles the opportunity for Pathos excellently.

The Princess Chinquilla

If she is a “Injun” princess she is very much Anglicized. Few race marks except for straight black hair. The stage setting is pretty and picturesque. Her Indian war dance is graceful.