Lutz Bros.

Two men, one is armless. He does a number of things with his feet, such as shooting, playing sleigh bells, carpenter work. 20 minutes, full stage, close in one. Fair act.

Tom Hearn

Supposed to be a comedy juggler. The funniest thing he does is to have the audience throw turnips at him. Act fair.

Clara May Hammer

The act was nine minutes long. Miss Hammer sings songs of the operatic and classical “construction”.

Rogers and Mack

The act was eleven minutes long. “One man does the ‘straight’ and sings much better than he talks. His partner is a typical ‘wop’ who does the usual befuddling and mincemeating of the English language.”

Dorthy Ross and Co.

The act was fourteen minutes long. Two lawyers scam a widow out of her dead husband’s money. She retrieves it by threatening one of the lawyers and his wife with a gun.

Parisian Widows

Pretty girls, attractive scenery, and adequate costumes Singing, dancing, sketch, acrobatics, and comedy.

Coogan and Watson

The act was twelve minutes long on the full stage. A man and woman open their roller skating act with “sketch talk”. He is the comedian and is dressed as a tramp with a red nose, baggy trousers, silk hat, and a rhinestone horseshoe on a red striped shirt. The woman plays the straight and convinces him to put on roller skates with her. She then puts on a bear skin and they do a bear dance and a buck dance on skates.

Penn State Trio

The act was eighteen minutes long on the full stage. Two boys and a girl open with a song and dance and some comedic talk. The “tough” does a ballad, the girl does a tambourine dance, and the straight does a hard shoe dance. The “tough” sings another song and then the two boys act as scarecrows for the girl in kid makeup for an eccentric dance finale.

Conetto, Lambert and Gonne

The act was seventeen minutes long. The trio has graduated from “school acts” but offers similar material. Conetto acts as the “wop”, Lambert is the “kike”, and Lillian Gonne is the sassy little one. Gonne wears knee high stockings with her short dress instead of tights, which shows off her legs. For the finish, the trio performs in front of an exterior of a circus tent. “Boys don exaggerated band coats, ‘wop’ with drum and Hebrew with zobo, Lillian marching behind.”