Bisset and Scott

Two youngsters who do a fast and skillful dance in clogs. The smaller one was particularily clever. The unison dancing was above average.

Wentworth and Vesta

Clowned in the English way. Used a trick pup. The falls were well done but the pair thinks that walking around the stage is comedy.

Metropolitan Trio

Scenes from “Il Trovatore” and “Faust” have been chosen. The settings are above average. They finish with the prison scene from “Faust”

Reid Sisters

They do a fast and entertaining dance. They dress well

The Cravers

Have many slips. They use a pretty girl who is a clever horse woman but she and the man both fall down too often.

McCrea and Pool

Pool is mostly an assistant, serving as a human target. The feature is the breaking of two pipes, one in the mouth and one in the hand of the assistant at the same time. McCrea uses two rifles for this, one at each shoulder.

May Evans

Looks well but has an untidy way of dressing her hair.