Bowers, Walters and Crocker

Bowers, Walters and Crocker grabbed all the laughs in sight with their rube acrobatic turn. The old-fashioned knockabout stuff has not been overdone of recent years, and the trio profited accordingly. The comedy bit of the three rolling under the drop went over in a manner indicating it was new to nine-tenths of the audience. A standard turn this, which always manages to hold ‘em in good shape in any old spot.

Sylvia Clark

Sylvia Clark, fifth, held up the middle section of the show nicely, putting in a punch just where it was needed. Miss Clark, after slipping over a couple of well written and finely delivered character numbers, did a ballad. “It Might Have Been You.” While rendered capably, the ballad seemed poorly placed. She is a natural comedienne and is at her best when handling comedy character numbers. The travesty classical dance and burlesque drama sent her off at the finish to one of the best hands of the afternoon.

Two Ahlbergs

The settting is a farm, with a wagon in the center of the stage.