Watson’s Burlesquers

Orletta and Taylor added a good deal of vocal strength to the chorus.
There were two Japanese comedians.
" The Bashful Venus.
Singing and dancing of the Millership Sisters won half a dozen recalls. House laughed quite a bit at the comedic acting of Charles Gracie and Lew Reynolds.
Excellent singing organization. " Indeed in this particular it is one of the best shows that has been seen this season." " Practically the only fault to be found with the Burslesquers' show is the boldness of its suggestion. But even this complaint is somewhat qualified by the fact that Watson, who is responsible for most of the violations of the riles of polite talk, makes everything he says funny." " The millership Sisters start the olio off with a whoop. In their speciality and in the burlesques they work well. Both are dainty little things, in agreeable contrast to the weighty chorus girls. "
Variety 4:3 ( 09/29/1906)