Bond Barry and Co.

On a bit earlier (No. 3), Bond Barry and Co., with “Superstitions,” had the house rocking with glee. The turn in a burlesque in an undertaking parlor. There is plenty of “hoke” and plenty of matter not new. Yet the audience “ate” it all.  

Otto Adlon Co.

Burlesque juggling work in full stage 16 Min. Fairly good offering went well.

Frances Kennedy

Frances Kennedy, dealing out a practically new turn, made her with Chicago appearance her same homecoming and triumph. Frances is an essentially Chicago product, not only because she lives here but because she seems to have its vibrations judged to just the pitch puts in best humor. She stepped out, fresh and sweet in a Leghorn peach bloom hat (so the usherette said it was) that made her bloom like peaches. A burlesque dance at the finish wafted her over for good natured laughs and fond hands. She could play in stock at the Majestic, Palace and State Lake, and hardly wear out her solid welcome.

Gardiner & Stoddard

16 min. F.S. Open their act with some burlesque and piano work that is amusing. Proceed to solos on cornet and musical bells, both getting good applause. Closed well after the Rube girl number.

Bixley and Lerner

Two men in burlesque singing and talking act called “Caruso and Melba of Vaudeville”. Went big throughout and finished strong. Olio in one, 19 minutes.

Willard & Bond Co.

3 men presented The Battle of Bunco Hill, burlesque war drama, very funny, scream from start to finish, 12 minutes full stage. Went Big.

Johnny Dooley and Yvette Rugel

24 minutes in one and two. Garden and palace drops. This team put over applause hit of the show. Have some new material, and Dooley’s burlesque on Ruth St. Denis was a riot. Monday night, the applause continued after we started to show Houdini’s picture film.

John & Mae Burke

This couple give a very marked illustration of how vaudeville has progressed, and some of the old-timers have been left behind while the procession has gone on. This act is very “burlesquey,” and I would much rather have seen it in the opposition house than on my own stage. 17 minutes opens in one goes to full stage, closes in one.

DeLeon & Davies

“Burlesque Movies,” 15 minutes (1) special drop. Material is very original and of the laugh-compelling kind; especially as, the burlesque business which has to do with a certain type of the ‘movies,’ and here-in they obtain their greatest number of laughs.