“Three Maidens From Sais”

The "Maidens" are billed as coming from the London Hippodrome and appear to be advocates of the great undressed art.
There are three shadowgraph poses and two dances given, entitled "Idolatry," "The Veil of Sais" and "The Grecian Frieze." The girls work on a raised platform at a height of four or five feet. The light effects are from behind in solid colors which allow the shadows to be cast. Blue light is used for the first pose, followed by green, then a red-yellow for the last. The first pose has two girls, followed by a "Spring" dance with ropes of flowers and leaves. The second has all three girls.
The girls receive some applause but they appear to simply be a filler act as they do no generate any great stir.
"Sais is the same as Syce. It is an Anglo-Indian expression and means 'an attendant of Horses.'" The act has nothing to do with a stable or horses and thus a new name is advisable. It is very artistic and pretty but that is about as far as it goes.
Variety 21:7 (01/21/1911)