Maxim’s Models

These reproductions of famous paintings were accorded a hearty welcome, each and every picture winning liberal applause. Thoroughly satisfactory. 15 minutes, special in 4, picture drop in 1.

M’lle Realta

F.S. Interior. Time 14. This is a new twist to the familiar “posing in picture frame” act. However the chief feature of the act is excellent singing done by William Gordon.

John W. Sherman’s “Enchantment.”

This is a combination of illustrations and living pictures, and has been put on for the first time here this week. The first performances were not bad, considering the difficulties which he was up against, and but the end of the week it ought to be in good shape. A great deal depended upon the groupings, which will improve. The idea of having the figures dissolve instead of making the changes with waits between, is novel and keeps the audience guessing. Am going to hold him over for another week with new figures and think by the end of that time it ought to be a good attraction anywhere.

Maxim’s Models

Time 14. F.S. with large gold frame like Marcelle. The paintings posed are all well done and heartily applauded.

The Four Seldoms

14 min. F.S This is by far the most artistic and perfected posing act ever played in this house. The figures are superb, and the feat of posing without the slightest quiver during the time the curtain is up is commendable in itself. Each one of these poses received a strong hand, and the finish with “The Fountain” was encored. This act should not fail to make a hit on any bill.

Alex Brisson

Flexible statue. A neat act for one of its kind. Went good. 7 minutes in one.

Kid Gabriel

Posing, representing the famous Remington Western pictures. A good novelty that scored decidedly. Worth talking about in advance advertising.

Marcel’s Living Art Studies

2 shows, 16 min, full stage. He has an entire new list of subjects including two bronzes since he was last here. While I think they are the best groupings he has ever given us, although appreciating the artistic beauty, they would rather see them elsewhere than in a vaudeville theatre. The bronzes drew a lot of applause while those to which I refer elicited none.

Marcel’s Living Art Studies

2 shows, 18 min. full stage. He exhibited practically the same subjects as during his last engagement here, and I regret to say that there was little or no applause, except for the groups. Of course, the act is not one that calls for a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and I rather think it is above the heads of a larger part of the patrons of even the best houses on the circuit. At any rate, our recent experience, with the songsheet idea, and today’s opening of the living art studies, would lead one to think that both those forms of amusement have worn their welcome out, and can easily be dispensed with for some seasons to come, unless given in a more unfamiliar form than at present.