The Flip Mr. Flop

Three singularly attractive young perons, described on the program as “the Misses Coyle, Dyer and Beatrice,” aid from time to time in the proceedings with their graceful presence and a song or two. They fit in perfectly and vary the talking comedy most agreeably. Mr. Welch contributed a song acceptably, and made his presence felt in the ensemble.
“Altogether delightful” was the audience's verdict Wednesday evening.
No act on the bill delivered quite the same volume of spontaneous laughter. This was largely due to the rollicking clowning of Miss Francis. She becomes a trifle rough at times, but never offensively so. It is all effervescent good nature with her, and she seems to imbue her audience with the same genial spirit that moves her,
Variety 6:2 (06/08/1907)